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RFI - Radio France Internationale
MCD - Monte Carlo Doualiya

Watch and listen to the world

France Médias Monde, the group in charge of French international broadcasting, comprises the news channels France 24 (in French, English, Arabic and Spanish), the international radio station RFI (in French and 15 other languages) and the Arabic-language radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya. France Médias Monde broadcasts to the world in 20 languages. Its journalists and correspondents offer viewers, listeners and Internet users comprehensive coverage of world events, with a focus on cultural diversity and contrasting viewpoints via news bulletins, reports, magazines and debates. 66 nationalities are represented among the group’s employees. Every week, RFI, France 24 and Monte Carlo Doualiya attract 251.1 million contacts (2020 average). Those outlets have a combined 83,3 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (May 2021) and rose to 2.5 billion views and streams in 2020. France Médias Monde is the parent company of CFI, the French media cooperation agency and also a shareholder of the French-language general interest TV channel TV5MONDE.

RFI - Les Voix du Monde - The world and all its voices

About RFI, a France Médias Monde radio station

RFI (Radio France Internationale) is a French news and current affairs public radio station that broadcasts worldwide in French and in 15 other languages*. RFI is broadcast on 154 different FM frequencies, via short wave relays, on 30 different satellite signals throughout the world and also on the internet and dedicated apps. RFI is also broadcast across the globe via more than 1700 partner radios. It draws on the expertise of its Paris-based editorial teams and unique global network of 400 correspondents to provide news bulletins and features offering listeners the means to better understand the world. Some 58.1 million listeners around the world tune into RFI every week, and its digital platforms attract an average of 33.4 million visits a month (2020 average) while 25.9 million followers stay connected via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (May 2021).

*Brazilian, Cambodian, Chinese, English, Fulfuldé, Haitian creole, Hausa, Mandinkan, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Vietnamese

FRANCE 24 - Liberté Égalité Actualité - International News 24/7

About France 24, a France Médias Monde channel

France 24, the international news channel, broadcasts 24/7 (12 hours a day in Spanish) to 444 million households around the world in French, Arabic, English and Spanish. The four channels have a combined weekly viewership of 98.5 million viewers. France 24 gives a French perspective on global affairs through a network of 160 correspondent bureaus located in nearly every country. It is available via cable, satellite, DTT, ADSL, on mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs, as well as on YouTube in four languages. Every month, France 24’s digital platforms attract 28.7 million visits, 158 million video views (2020 average) and 53 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (May 2021).

MCD - على نفس الموجة - Sur la même longeur d'onde

About MCD, a France Médias Monde radio station

Monte Carlo Doualiya is a French radio station that broadcasts in Arabic from Paris to the Middle East, Mauritania, Djibouti, and Sudan, on FM, via satellite and via partner radio stations. It provides news bulletins and magazines, with a strong focus on culture, live broadcasts, conviviality and interaction. Its editorial team and worldwide network of correspondents provide coverage of world news to 9.3 million listeners every week. Monte Carlo Doualiya is a radio station based on the values of universalism and freedom for listeners of all ages. The station is also accessible via its website, which is one of the most modern of all Arabic-language sites, and via its app and through a range of cable and satellite packages. MCD attract 2.6 million visits to its digital platforms every month (2020 average) and 4.4 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (May 2021).


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